No Reward Marker (NRM)

Intended to be a signal to say, “No, that isn’t what I want. Try again.” From the operant conditioning perspective, it’s intended to add a verbal cue to extinctionExtinction The weakening of behavior through non-reinforcement or “ignoring” the behavior. In extinction, nothing is added or removed from the environment. For example, a treat lies on the other side of a fence. A dog reaches his paw under, but cannot reach the treat. Because reaching for the treat doesn’t work—because it isn’t reinforced through success—the dog will eventually quit reaching for the treat.. However, once something has been added to the situation, it’s impossible to know whether a change occurred through extinction or punishmentPunishment In operant conditioning, aconsequenceto a behavior in which something is added to or removed from the situation to make the behavior less likely to occur in the future.  . No reward markers usually represent an unnecessary level of complexity in a training program.