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    Ter inspiratie voor de paarden: //enrichingequines.com

    Try it out, ik doe geweldig leuke ideeen op via deze site die de paarden enorm waarderen.


    Hi from EE!

    Hi, I’m Amanda! Enriching Equines is a website and blog project anchored in a dream to enrich the lives of horses and humans and my love of animal behavior. I am a professional zookeeper and have the privilege of working with all kinds of animals, from horses and birds to reptiles and fish. Behavior science is my passion, and improving animal welfare through science-based husbandry, including behavioral enrichment, is my drive and reason for creating Enriching Equines.

    I’m currently sharing this journey with my Tennessee Walking Horse, Allan, and am constantly grateful for his presence – and infinite patience – as he puzzles through enrichment while I take endless photos.

    Like many horse people, I have loved horses since I was young and have kept horses in my life on and off since childhood.  While I love riding, especially through fields and trails, I’m one of those equestrians for whom communication on the ground comes more naturally than in the saddle. I’ve always admired (and been a bit envious of) bold jumpers, beautifully poised dressage riders, and fearless barrel racers. My own skill set is in understanding equine behavior and how natural history governs their mental and physical needs.

    Helping equestrians meet those needs through enrichment and humane, connected training principles is my drive. With Enriching Equines, I hope to share fun and engaging ways to encourage your horse’s natural behaviors and self-expression, and promote the best mental and physical health for the horses in your life.

    Onward and upward –

    Enriching Equines

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